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Pederasty means anal intercourse with a child. Anal intercourse with a male child of 14 months of age is a rare occurrence. The act highlights not only the fall of moral values and the beastly act of a human mind but also the abysmal depths to which one can fall.

A young 14 month old child was abducted while he was sleeping in the street lane. He was sexually abused and then killed by throttling. There were multiple lacerations, abrasions and contusions over the anal region along with multiple injuries around the mouth and neck area. The accused - a 30 year old neighbor of the deceased - could not control his sexual lust even after listening to the cries of the baby and continued with the acrimonious abominable act of killing him by throttling.

Figure 1: Anal area of a normal child.

Brief history
On the night of June 7, 2001, the aggrieved family was sleeping in the lane of their village. The baby victim was sleeping with his father on the same cot. His mother was sleeping separately. One of their neighbors was roaming in the street, murmuring some strange words. At mid night the child's parents went inside the house to have sex. The child was left alone outside. When the couple returned, they found the child missing. The couple along with others went in search of the child but couldn't find him. The dead body of the child was found on June 18, 2001 in the fields of the village. The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition. It was referred for postmortem to Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS), Rohtak, Haryana.

Figure 2: Anal area of the dead child on whom anal intercourse had been performed.

Postmortem Findings
The dead body was wearing only a T-shirt. It was smudged in sand. Rigor mortis was in passing stage.
The following injuries were present on the body :
1. Reddish contusion 3x2cms, below left angle of the mandible.
2. Reddish contusion 5x4cms, on the right side of the neck 7 cms below the angle of the mouth.
3. Crescentic nail marks over the neck at multiple places.
4. Multiple contusions 0.5-1 to 1-2 cms, over the angle of mouth on both sides.
5. Anal sphincter was lax with a gap of 4 x 2.5 cms. It admitted 3 fingers. The margins were reddened, abraded, contused and lacerated. Mucosa was congested.


Figure 3: Another view of the anal area of the same child.

Sex is a natural instinct. Human beings are no exceptions. As a matter of fact reproduction is necessary for the survival of any species. Whether it is the story of Adam & Eve in the Christian Tradition or the story of Man in the Hindu literature, sex is an important ingredient difficult to ignore. A homosexual component exist in everybody, hence in this sense it is universal. But it varies quantitatively in different individuals and also varies at different epochs in life. Homosexuality is legalized in some of the western countries but that too for mature minds only. The present case however is altogether different where a young adult of 30 committed not only anal sex with a male child of 14 months but also murdered him and thus crossed all the limits of humanity. The photographs clearly indicate the fatality of the act. The act caused redness and contusion of anal mucosa, and also rupture of the anal sphincter. Anal opening of a normal child is shown for comparison. The extent of injury becomes obvious when one compares the anal area of the deceased child with that of the normal child.

A strange and unique case of lust murder is reported, in which anal intercourse on a young child was followed by murder.


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