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Just a nice little bit i thought some of you may enjoy..

I'm a terrible person. A disgusting fuck. It all happened when I was 9 years old. It was the beginning of 4th grade. I had never been interested in girls until this time. Every day during recess, I would stay by the old, rusted monkey bars that no one used anymore. Everyday, I would watch her. Watch the way her skirt inflated with air and flipped out and over, exposing just the slightest bit of her panties, when she jumped off the swing at it's highest point. Watch the way her just developing breasts slighty extended out from her, the way the sunlight formed a halo around her small mounds. The way her ass moved when she was being chased from other boys. I was hypnotized by it. My dick would get rock-solid. When the teacher called us in, I would have to stay there, back turned from all the other kids. The teacher would yell at me, "Come on Chris, it's time to come in!" I had no response other than, "Just a second!" while I sat there, crushing my cock between my thighs, and elbowing it, until it went down.

I continued to do this, day after day. I would write down in my mind every article of clothing she'd ever worn, every hairstyle she ever had. Then every free moment in class, I would play with her in my mind, like a dress-up doll. I would constantly fantasize about her, set up scenarios with her. Then one day at recess, instead of hiding by the monkey bars, I finally managed to talk to her. I walked right up to her, and simply said, "Hi." She looked at me, and frowned. "Go away, you're weird", she said. I was shocked. I turned around, went back to the monkey bars, and laid on the ground. I had no idea what happened. The girl I thought was a gift from, well, something, just for me, didn't think anything of me. At first I was sad. Then I grew furious. She was mine. I had to have her.

I followed her home from school that very day. I stayed a careful distance from her, thoughts of that recess running through my mind. I grew furious again. I picked up a nearby branch, which had fallen from one of the trees that created an overhead canopy, and snuck behind her. I was about a foot away from her when I said, "Hey." She freaked out. "What are you doing here?" she said, voice quivering like a little bitch. A stupid cunt. I fucking hated her. I didn't give her the pleasure of an answer. I smacked her across the face with the branch. My dick got hard again. I continued to beat her face with the branch, until my arms wouldn't let me anymore. Her shallow screams were muffled by the trees.

When my dick got hard at the monkey bars, I didn't know why it did. It fell good, but I didn't know it's purpose. I knew what it was for that day. It was like an instinct. I ripped her clothes off. I took my dick out and rubbed it gently on her bloodied, beaten face. I caressed her, like a mother does with her child. I plunged my dick in her ear. I didn't know why, but I pumped it in and out. It felt damn good. I took it out and put it in the slit where a penis should be. I fucked that too. And it felt damn good. I flipped her over, and fucked her where poop comes out. And it felt damn good. I eventually squirted clear liquid out of my shaft, and stopped.

I cried. I didn't know what I'd just done. I'd just destroyed my gift. The one thing I cared about. But just because she would know longer be able to jump off the swing and show me her cotton panties didn't mean I had to throw her away. I dragged her home on the long dirt road. No one saw me, I took the shortcut through the woods right to the back door of my house. Both my parents were at work, so I had no worries. By the time I got her to my room, my dick had become hard again. I fucked her and threw her in my closet. Everyday, from then on, I'd wake up, gently fuck her, talk to her, have breakfast with her, than go to school. No one knew what happened to her, her parents got the police to search for her. They never found her.

After a week of me fucking her, having conversations about Pokemon, and how school food was icky, the police finally gave up. And the town forgot about her.

I kept her rotting corpse in my closet for weeks. And as her flesh got softer and softer, I fucked her harder and harder. I ripped her flesh open. She was useless. He head lolled and wouldn't listen to me anymore. There was only one way to keep her with me. I ate her. I fucked her mound of stinking flesh one more time, and I ate her.

I never told anyone until now.

I still fantasize with her everyday.

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