life between black & white (ivinylfetishi) wrote in goretomakeupuke,
life between black & white

gore goodies

well, i'm not sure if i can post this here, but i really have no where else to go so i thought i'd give it a shot.

ORIGINAL Faces of Death dvd's are being sold now since ebay's being an ass. DVD's are documentaries of extreme violent actions, gore images,etc. In very good condition and comes in original casing. Pretty hard to find since u can't really sell them anywhere. (ex:e-gay)

Prices are:
faces of death 1 = 20 bucks
faces of death 2 = 20 bucks
faces of death 3 = 10 bucks
faces of death 4 = 10 bucks

or all 1-4 = 50 bucks


Contact me if interested. Please, serious buyers only :]
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